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The Glass Experts Shop in Montreal

The glass experts store in Montreal: A company that marvels with its range of glass products and extensive modern machinery

Glass, a source of luminescence and transparency

When it comes to designing and installing glass products in Montreal, Glass Experts is the go to custom glass shop in the city. Our wide selection of glass products and services range from building custom bathroom mirrors, shower units, tabletops, backsplashes, to the repair of both door and window panes, commercial storefronts, thermos glass and the fabrication of custom tempered glass all of which showcase our appreciation for the timeless material that is glass.

Have a particular project in mind? We have the perfect custom glass solution for you. Share your wildest dreams with our master glassmakers located at our Montreal glass shop. Just like glass allows for natural light to stream, we invite you to let your creative spirit run wild and experience the unique world of glass. We’ll take care of the rest!

Modern equipment: the key to our success

At our Glass Experts store, our wide array of state-of-the-art machinery is our strength, allowing our glass shop to stand out from its competitors throughout Montreal. Our expert glassmakers are pendant of the latest tendencies and technological breakthroughs, and are aware of today’s demands from the world of design in order to satisfy all needs. At our glass shop, we manage the quasi-totality of all our glasswork operations internally, because we have the equipment that allows us to do so.

Efficiency; The name of the game

Come to Glass Experts today and visit our Montreal glass store for a hands-on experience of what we are all about. See for yourself the extent of our glass products and the array of equipment that our very talented master glass experts can handle. It’s no wonder we serve on a residential, commercial and industrial scale. Our glass store is Montreal’s best-known provider of specialized custom solution options. We know that time is of essence in the day in day out functioning of your personal and commercial activities, and our equipment is what allows us to make a difference in your life. With our quality and efficient techniques of operation, we break time records in our ability to cater to your needs and to the market’s growing demand. And that is a first among all other glass shops across Montreal.

Our residential products and services consist of sales, installation and repair of all glass products including:

Our commercial products and services consist of sales, installation and repair of all glass products including:

Glass Experts:

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