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There is nothing more pleasing when window shopping than actually having windows that let you see clearly into the store to gaze at the merchandise on display. Well-designed commercial glass storefronts and entryway’s serve as a tool to draw passersby and help increase foot traffic.

When the design of your interior has been done so in a way to be seen from outside, to draw people’s attention into your store… the emphasis on the importance of your storefront goes without saying. Clear sightlines from outside the windows will pull potential customers in to browse, get ideas and buy.

Storefront customization: an undeniable asset for a store

There are a few key ways designers, architects and commercial developers approach storefront customization. Drawing in people’s attention is of course the first and foremost priority when building a new retail storefront. However, the second and third most important priorities are durability and eco-efficiency and energy conservation.

Business owners of large or small storefronts want to assure that there store entrances will stand up over time. This factor increases the value of their stores and the value of the main building they reside in.

Our expertise in storefront glass entrance system repair

At Glass Experts, we use the latest technologies in storefront glass customization and glass entrance system repair. We take no shortcuts when it comes time to repair and or replace elements of your storefront.

The window components used in the construction and or repair of a storefront are always made of the most durable and energy efficient parts and accessories available on the marketplace. Moreover, we assist local business owners in that we have the ability to build, certain aspects, to meet a storeowner’s specific needs.

At Glass Experts, we consider things like the coating used on our glass, it’s thickness and the possibility of multi-pane construction when necessary. Frames and spacers also play a large role in the strength and durability of a commercial storefront. Security conscious storeowners may consider looking at tempered laminated glass that is highly impact resistant. These factors and many more, play a role in the recommendations and suggestions we provide when considering storefront customization and or glass entrance system repairs.

At Glass Experts, we pride ourselves in being a single resource in Montreal when it comes to providing assistance for commercial glass storefronts and glass entrance system repair.

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