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Glass Conference Tables in Montreal

Glass Conference Tables Montreal, Glass Experts

Conference tables project a positive image of your company without effort on any one’s part. They provide an elegant presence as well as a practical workspace for the accommodation of employees, guests, and clients.

At Glass Experts, we take pride in producing state-of-the-art conference tables that amplify the look of any conference room. From daily briefings to company gatherings to annual board meetings, our conference tables will ensure that aesthetics and function are not on the list of things to worry about. No matter your needs, we will work to create a custom design which will produce a table that adds charm and luxury as well as satisfy any ergonomic constraints.

Our conference tables come in a wide variety of styles and shapes, and are built as one single piece or as a combination of several sections, depending on table size and shape. Multi-sectional conference tables are constructed in such a way that all sections are incorporated into each other to produce a nice, congruous look. Tables are offered in a range of materials, finishes and colors.

And as far as power for electronic devices, data and power options can be built into any table; wiring options include round wiring grommets, pop-up wiring boxes, or wiring troughs.

A variety of modern base designs are available with all our conference tables. For large tables, we offer multiple pedestals.

Glass Experts’ conference tables come with your choice of table-tops, which can be oval, rectangular, boat or racetrack shaped. Table-top materials include wood, stone and glass.

Stone table-tops bestow character and style on all conference tables. They come in sandblasted or hand-tooled varieties. They can also be made of black granite with a polished finish for an even more sophisticated look.

Our Frosted, clear or scratched glass table-tops are simply exquisite. They convey luxury without pretense, and represent the latest in popular office furniture trends. Our glass-top conference tables come with a range of pattern options to accentuate the look of the glass, as well as different colors to match the look of the room.

Glass Experts are one of the most reputable, reliable, and dependable builders of conference tables in the Montreal area. Over the years, we have had the privilege of working with small and large commercial establishments alike. We take pride in offering great products with the service to match.

If you’re looking to acquire one or multiple conference tables for your business, then look no further, we have the expertise and the equipment to make your project a breeze.

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