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Glass Office Partitions in Montreal

Office partitions contribute to both office aesthetics and work environment. In addition, office partitions make reorganizing or changing the look of a work area a cinch.

They also serve as a way to separate employees into their own individual, unencumbered work station and thereby allowing them to focus on the task at hand and be more productive.

Glass wall office partition options:

Floor to ceiling glass walls

A popular office partition option in 2022 consists of using floor to ceiling glass walls, usually referred to as full-height partitions. They give the impression of being in a completely enclosed in the room.

The walls are mounted on a skeleton frame that runs along the perimeter of the work area, and can come in variety of sandblasted designs, colours and finishes making them easier to blend in to the rest of the office.

Although they seem like a permanent structure, they are easily disassembled and moved around should the need arise.

Glass partitions

Then there are the ever popular glass office partitions. By far the most aesthetically appealing of all office partitions, glass partitions come in the full or half-height variety, are very stylish, and complement the look of any modern design office environment.

For privacy purposes, sandblasting can be used to increase the privacy of the partitioned office.

Glass partitions can also be very efficient at reducing noise and obviously let in an abundance of natural light to brighten up the office space.

Popular glass office applications:

  • Commercial offices
  • Home offices
  • Conference / board rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Universities, schools and libraries
  • Art galleries and museums
  • Commercial centres
  • Wine cellars
  • Store entrances (using glass walls)
  • and more…

Glass wall thickness:

Glass office partitions commonly use one of the below listed glass thickness to make up their structures:

  • 14 inch (6 mm)
  • 38 inch (10 mm)
  • 12 inch (12 mm)

Finishing options available:

  • Tempered glass
  • Clear glass
  • Extra clear
  • Frosted glass
  • Bronze glass
  • Grey glass
  • Coloured glass

Office partition & wall pricing:

Office partition walls start at $45 price per sq. ft. (not installed).

Please note: The price for an office partition will vary depending on the thickness of the glass chosen and the amount of doors / walls in the desired application.

Office partitions were once dull, plain and used for mere practical purposes. Today, partitions are designed to take office space to a higher level of décor. This is especially the case with glass office partitions.

If you’re looking to beautify your office space with top-of-the-line office partitions, then all you need to do is browse our website or stop by our showroom. We offer some of the most stylish office partitions in all of the Montreal area, and work with our clients to produce custom products to satisfy any of their aesthetic as well as ergonomic needs.

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