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Stairs & Commercial Glass Stair Systems in Montreal

Commercial Glass Stair Systems Montreal, Glass Experts

Stairs can immensely add to the overall design of a commercial building. When done well, they splendidly highlight the feel and appearance of any area. Commercial stairs are constructed from sturdy materials to ensure safety, and are usually made from wood, metal, concrete, glass, or a combination of 2 or more materials.

At Glass Experts, our stairs meet all safety code standards and are perfectly designed to fit a wide variety of commercial applications. Our talented team of fabricators will build your stairs to blueprint specifications, while our installers will see to it that the final product is put in place with utmost professionalism.

Explanation of parts used in commercial glass railing system

Stair building has come a long way since its early days of unreliable and unsafe construction methods. Today, stairs are built to adhere to strict regulations and safety codes, as well as project style and elegance; gone are the days where stairs were a mere means to get from one floor to the other. Safety is of paramount importance to us. In every project we take on, we work to minimize risk and maximize strength.

Whether a project calls for a large staircase or a small set of steps, we will ensure that your stairs match your needs and are ideal for the available space. No matter your specifications, we will see to it that you are furnished with the right stairs to provide the intended function while positively adding to the visual impact as well.

The types of stairs we offer include:

  • Straight – These staircases generally consist of a straight line of stairs running from one floor to the next; however, they can also be made into an L or a U-shaped design.
  • Spiral – A spiral staircase is ideal for a tight space. It essentially consists of a set of stairs that spiral their way around to the next floor, and is built around a center pole.
  • Elliptical – Elliptical staircases are built adjacent to a wall and are comprised of number of different radii depending on the curvature of the wall in question.

In addition to the above standard types of stairs, we provide custom-designed staircases to meet your own specs, style and décor.

At Glass Experts, we have the expertise and equipment to tackle any and all of your stairs projects. In the Montreal area, our craftsmanship and friendly service are simply unrivaled. Stop by our showroom or contact us by phone or via our website, we’d welcome a chance to show what we can do for you.

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