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Buy discounted glass direct from the manufacturer!

Want to save on a custom shower or railing system? Read on!

In celebration of Glass Experts 35th anniversary we’re happy to offer a special direct from the manufacturer promotion on select shower and railing hardware & accessories!

Are you a contractor? Perhaps you are a DIY that is not afraid to get your hands a little dirty? Whatever the case Glass Experts is now offering special rates on select shower and railing hardware & accessories.

Included in this sale are:

  • Custom cut glass panels used in the construction of showers and railings
  • A wide selection of hardware in stainless steel & chrome to pair with shower or railings

Please refer to the below diagrams for all style, size and glass thickness information.
Do not hesitate to call us for any additional information at 514-484-6206.

Tempered glass of the highest quality, that meets all North American standards

Glass panels thickness & pricing:

  • 10mm tempered regular ($19 per sq. ft.)
  • 12mm tempered regular ($24 per sq. ft.)
  • 10mm tempered extra clear ($29 per sq.ft.)
  • 12mm tempered extra clear ($34 per sq. ft.)

Shower doors:

  • 10mm tempered regular ($650)
  • 12mm tempered regular ($790)
  • 10mm tempered extra clear ($790)
  • 12mm tempered extra clear ($930)

Doors heights up to 82 inch

To thank the public for 35 years of patronage, we are offering the opportunity to buy direct from the manufacturer.

This promo is great for people looking to save on:

  • A custom shower for tight spaces
  • Small bathrooms in need of a new shower
  • Luxury homeowners that want to take advantage of their large bathrooms
  • Homeowners who would like to modernize their wooden bannisters to glass bannisters (indoor or outdoor)
  • Contractors and DIY’s that need glass supplies, hardware and the glass tools required to properly install their systems

This promo will allow homeowners the ability to save hundreds of dollars on a fully custom glass shower and/or railing system!

This offers the opportunity to customize your glass shower at a price that is competitive to a prefab shower you would buy in a big box store!

Why risk buying a prefab shower that may not perfectly fit an uneven opening when you can buy a customer shower for not much more and assure with 100% certainty that it will fit perfectly in your opening!

How can you take advantage of this offer?

You will do the installation or have a contractor do it for you. That’s it. Simple.

Please note:

No installation services are offered with the above discounts. Client assumes all responsibility of installation required for any of the above products.

Tempered glass order minimum 4 sq. ft.

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