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Backlit Glass with LED: A genius idea that enhances any living space.

Take an ultra modern and elegant material like glass, combine it with ultra performing LED lighting technology and obtain a state-of-the-art design, backlit glass.

LED lighting is the perfect tool to enhance the beauty of glass and make it stand out in a whole array of creative combinations. Backlit glass with LED is absolutely stunning!

Indeed, thanks to LED technology, this type of lighting consumes less energy, heats less and lasts longer than most. With our backlit glass installations, change the color and intensity of your home lighting according to how you feel in the moment and the ambiance you want.

Switch from a modern classy style to a more intimate and cozy look with just a click on the remote.

LED light strips are commonly incorporated into glass products such as:

  • Floating backlit shelves
  • Backlit glass panels and walls
  • Backlit glass panels for countertops
  • LED Bathroom / Shower / Mirror Lighting Systems
  • Floors, stairs and glass railings
  • Bars
  • Custom made glass fittings
  • Entrances and glass office walls

LED lighting colors:

  • 16 color choices available
  • Several degrees of brightness available

Pricing the integration of LED lighting with a glass product:

The integration of LED lighting with a glass product is generally available starting at $500.

Note: The final price for integrating LED lighting into a glass product depends largely on the thickness of the glass and the complexity of the installation.

Colour your living room… for changing moods!

Whether it’s time to relax or host, the living room is the statement piece of the home, especially with a glass backlit LED fireplace. Indeed, depending on the type of reception you’re holding or the amount of guests, adjust the lighting of your glass backlit LED fireplace and change the atmosphere thanks to different lighting circuits that you can program in advance. For movie nights or romantic nights in, simply dim the lighting.

Light up the kitchen for intimate gatherings

Some rooms need more lighting than others, like the kitchen, a room that we use daily. With a glass backlit LED backsplash, get all the light you need to work well, while avoiding harsh overhead lighting.

Indeed, LED lighting spreads the lighting in a uniform fashion and creates indirect lighting, making it the perfect addition to glass backsplashes. When placed behind a glass backsplash, LED lighting enhances any room, like the kitchen, a place of meal preparation as well as gatherings, a place we want to keep tidy and neat for as long as possible.

Those accessories that light up a room

Does the thought of renovation work upset your stomach? Stay calm. Instead, think about backlit LED mirrors and glass shelves for a hint of brightness, elegance and a modern touch. With LED lighting, combine style with function. Thanks to spots built in the wall or placed under the glass shelves, light up those objects you want to show off, while creating a most soothing ambiance conducive to relaxing and enjoying yourself.

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