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Glass accessories and hardware provide an excellent means by which to beautify a residential living space. There’s nothing like a well-decorated home where all, or at least most, items project style and elegance. While there are quite a few options for home decoration, glass accessories and hardware can help bestow a touch of luxury without putting a strain on the budget. Whether as vases, jars or canisters, vases, tables, lamps, candlesticks, or shelves, glass can and will give any room in your home a sparkle.

The right glass accessories and hardware speak to personal characteristics, hobbies and interests. Taking advantage of the inherent allure and sophistication of glass should be on the mind of every homeowner; especially since glass accessories and hardware can transform the look of a mundane area into that of a luxurious space fairly inexpensively.

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An example would be glass kitchen cabinet doors. Substituting glass for wooden doors can tremendously add to the look of your entire kitchen and will allow for your favorite cabinet items to be seen and admired by both household members and guests, all for a relatively low cost.

Glass bowls on a kitchen counter are another usage example of glass accessories and hardware; in fact, they are virtually a must for sprucing up the look of a kitchen counter. Filled with anything from fruit to candy, these glass accessories will amazingly alter the look of your kitchen from plain to ornate.

Glass door knobs are also a great way to adorn the appearance of your place of residence. Such vintage, Victorian style glass accessories and hardware are known to ameliorate the look of both the inside and outside of a home. When crafted properly glass door knobs will not only embellish your home but they will also last for years as they can be extremely durable.

These are just a few examples out of numerous ways to use glass accessories and hardware to your advantage. At Glass Experts, we offer an outstanding selection of glass accessories and hardware from which to choose. Additionally, as of 2018, we began offering the ability to buy hardware and accessories directly online, click here to visit our online store.

Glass hardware & accessories available for the following applications:

If you happen to be undecided as to which item, or items, would be best suited for the décor of your home, our team of friendly professionals is here to assist you in picking the right piece of decoration to revive the look of any area.

Please feel free to browse our local website, stop by our showroom or visit our online hardware shop here. We proudly serve the entire Montreal area and beyond. We are known for providing our clients with fantastic glass accessories and hardware, friendly service, as well some of the best prices in town and on the internet.

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