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Glass Backsplashes for the Kitchen and Bathroom

Glass Backsplashes in Montreal: A decorative way to add style and taste to the home and office.

Among the many ways to design a home or office a glass backsplash has become a highly popular trend recently. Indeed, wherever they are installed, they bring undeniable magic to the space. Glass backsplashes have the property of reflecting light and therefore brightening a whole room.

Whether it’s for your kitchen or bathroom, at home or the office, glass backsplashes can be manufactured in a variety of styles, sizes and colours, from the most simple to the most elaborate, in order to adapt to any and all environments.

A kitchen or bathroom glass backsplash will help bring the interior design of your space to a whole new level, providing a contemporary look that can be found in magazines and luxury hotels.

Aside from being stunning to the eye, glass backsplashes are also practical. Indeed, one of the major benefits of a glass sheet backsplash is that they don’t absorb moisture.

They’re easy to clean, highly durable, and they lend themselves to all do-it-yourself projects. You can count on Glass Experts’ glass backsplashes to enhance the appearance and functionality of your space.

A coloured backsplash is actually a glass sheet that has been painted on its backside. That being the case, there is an absolute myriad of colour options available to choose from!

Popular backsplash colour options in 2019 include:

  • Clear laminate
  • White opaque
  • Grey mirrored
  • Moonlight blue
  • Fire red
  • Light grey
  • Bronze glass
  • Grey glass

Types of glass:

  • Satin mirror
  • Starfire glass
  • Grey satin mirror
  • Tempered glass

Common thickness & sizes:

  • 14 inch
  • 38 inches (most common)


Backsplash pricing starts at $35 price per sq. ft. (not installed).

The cost of a backsplash varies depending on the thickness of the glass chosen, the finishing options selected and complexity of the installation.

Please note: To get an exact price for your mirror please email us the width (horizontal) and height (vertical) including fraction of an inch using the button below.

All quotes will be based on the specifications we receive via email.

Textured or non-textured?

All glass sheet backsplashes are available in either plain glass finish or textured glass finish

At Glass Experts, our gorgeous custom backsplashes are made of the finest quality materials and are some of the most affordable throughout Montreal. We pride ourselves in being one of Montreal’s go-to companies in the field.

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