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Glass Pool Fences

Glass pool fences with automatic lock mechanisms. For clarity and peace of mind!

Panoramic view: Embellish your space

At Glass Experts, our glass pool fences are highly popular. They make the pool stand out, while complying with legal security norms. Indeed, our pool fences limit access to the pool without hindering the beauty of the environment all around.

Our fences are high-end, elegant, transparent products that offer a fenceless look and allow for panoramic surveillance. Unlike other conventional fences, which block the sun’s rays, our glass pool fences allow you to enjoy the sun longer on hot sunny days.

Highly robust, little maintenance

Frameless glass pool fencing, Glass Experts

To make it through the long harsh months of our Quebec winters, we make our glass pool fences with tempered glass, a sturdy glass that can stand up to our seasons and the passage of time. Tempered glass is the best-known option for our fences’ life span.

But another undeniable advantage of a glass fence is how easy it is to maintain. Their glass panels don’t rust and are simply cleaned with rainwater or soap for glass. We also use stainless steel accessories, which are corrosion-proof and ensure a longer life.

Glass fence panel thickness:

  • 10 mm (gates)
  • 12 mm (fence panels)

Glass fence height:

  • 48 inches (1.2 m high)

Glass swimming pool fence pricing:

Glass fence pricing starts at $25 per sq. ft. (standard panel sizes).
All footing and lock mechanisms are available - prices on request.

Please note: The cost of a glass fence will vary depending on the thickness of the glass chosen and complexity of the installation.

Pretty and safe pool fences

Our glass pool fences give a new meaning to the word safety, as they combine beauty and solidity.

Indeed, our framed and frameless glass pool fences comply with the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Regulation, which obliges residential pool owners to restrict access to their pool in order to reduce drowning numbers. This legislation states that all fences must be 1.2 m high (48 inches), prevent all round objects of a 10 cm diameter to pass through the posts or glass panels of the fence, prevent all climbing (by not having anything to grip or lean on to climb), and have an automatic lock mechanism that locks from the inside.

Glass Experts’ glass swimming pool fences solutions entirely meet those requirements and offer the ideal solution for security and aesthetics to shine on.

No matter your type of property or surface of terrain, our highly qualified team of experts are there to guide you through the logistics of your new glass pool fences.

Our mission at Glass Experts?

To offer all our clients high-end quality products that meet their wildest expectations and are best suited for their budgets and needs.

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