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Glass Table Tops in Montreal

Glass tops in all shapes & sizes!

Glass table tops are an excellent way to spruce up the look of any room in your home. Whether for a dining table, a desk, or a coffee table, glass table tops will almost certainly rejuvenate the appearance of your furniture as well as project elegance and luxury.

In addition to style, glass table tops are easily cleaned and maintained, due to glass’s natural stain resistance, and can be used indoor and outdoor no matter the season. Glass table tops are also ideal for small rooms as they give the appearance of a larger space.

Glass top shapes

Glass Experts offers a range of different types and shapes of glass table tops. With us, you will have no trouble acquiring the style and size to suit your own individual needs.

Our glass table tops are gorgeous, scratch and heat resistant, and exceptionally durable. Whether the need calls for replacement or new design, we possess the equipment and technology to level, cut, temper and polish to produce unique, customized glass table tops.

Table tops are available in the following shapes:

  • Round
  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Custom shapes

Glass thickness

Glass table tops come in a number of different thicknesses, depending on the need and the piece of furniture on which the top is intended to be displayed.

Readily available thicknesses range from:

  • 14 inch (6 mm)
  • 38 inch (10 mm)
  • 12 inch (12 mm) (available by special order)
  • 34 inch (19 mm) (available by special order)

Glass top surface options

There are a few different types of glass that can be used as a table top; one of the most popular is tempered glass. Well-liked and used to produce high quality glass table tops, tempered glass offers the best of both worlds in terms of aesthetic appeal and strength.

It adds charm to serving tables, partition cabinets, corner stands as well as other pieces of furniture around the house.

From a strength standpoint, tempered glass, also known as toughened glass, gets its impact resistance properties from its making process called thermal tempering.

The end result is a glass product that minimizes the risk of injury due to the fact that it doesn’t break or chip, at least not as easily as its non-tempered counterpart, which makes tempered glass table tops a safer alternative for a home with young children.

Glass edge finish options available:

  • Beveled edge
  • Flat polished edge
  • Pencil polished edge

Square and rectangle finishes available:

  • Eased corners
  • Radius corners
  • Clip and polished corners

Glass table top pricing:

Glass table top pricing starts at $10 price per sq. ft. (not installed).

Please note: The cost of a table top will vary depending on the thickness of the glass chosen and by its finishing.

For all of your glass table tops needs, look no further than Glass Experts!

Our company is comprised of a team of friendly, competent professionals who are dedicated to serving our clientele across the Montreal area. We are known for our first-class products and unrivaled service.

Feel free to browse our website or even take it a step further and visit our showroom. We have no doubt that it’ll be worth the trip!

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