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Glass Wine Cellars

Transcend space and see clearly with a custom glass wine cellar!

From design to installation

At Glass Experts, we design and manufacture all kinds of custom wine cellars for many types of residential applications, but also for commercial enterprises, like restaurants. Our team of specialized glass designers, testers and fitters are all highly qualified to take on your wine cellar project from its conception to its final installation. All our models are perfected to please the most select wine connoisseurs. At Glass Experts, we can build you your dream wine cellar in the shape, size and model that you want.

Advantages of glass as a wine cellar material

Many restaurants are already doing it, why aren’t you? For a contemporary look and a touch of magic, bring your old wine cellar out of the basement and into the light with a brand new glass wine cellar design that will not only make accessing your wine easier, but be a delight and pleasure to the eye. At Glass Experts, we offer a wide array of solutions for customizing wine cellars, camouflaging them into the wall, or using them as partitions. With glass, the possibilities are endless. Our glass wine cellars are UV-treated in order to protect your wine collection from oxidizing prematurely. We also use LED lighting, which emits little or no heat, to keep your wine at a constant and optimal temperature.

Isolation and climate control

At Glass Experts, we only use the finest materials of utmost quality for our glass wine cellars: from isolation materials like urethane and water-repellent gypsum, to vapour barrier technology and climate control units. We think about everything. Our objective? To build you a stylish, state of the art, highly functional and professional product for the safekeeping of your greatest wines.

Customizing and finish options

Glass goes well with every look, from modern to old. To personalize your own glass wine cellar, choose noble materials like wood, decorative or natural stone, or stainless steel. Another designer tip is to use colour to add depth and style. Indeed, at Glass Experts, we can make the wine cellar door of your choice, in the color, texture, style and size that you want. You have only to imagine!

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