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Mirage Retractable Screen Doors

Obtain the comfort and elegance of new retractable screen doors in Montreal

Discover the benefits of retractable screen doors

If you reside in Montreal, you’ve probably heard about the advantages of using a retractable sliding screen door. Just like a conventional hinged screen door, it will help protect an exterior entrance against the impact of blowing debris. However, this type of product glides into an open or closed position along tracks, much like a sliding or hanging “barn” style door. It does not consume space by opening outwards onto a lobby entrance, an alcove, a porch, a patio, or a balcony. Property owners frequently use this compact product to help create an airy, open ambiance inside a residence during warm weather.

Mirage® Retractable Screen Systems Distributor

As a trusted source for innovative home improvement product lines in this region of Canada, Glass Experts would like to share some really exciting news with you. We now carry and distribute beautiful and well built Mirage® Retractable Screen Systems. We recently received the honor of becoming the official distributor for these products in the Montreal area. The excellent retractable screen doors in our inventory rank amongst the best rated retractable screen doors in the home improvement industry.

These well designed and solidly constructed sliding screens enable customers to enjoy refreshing summer breezes, sunlight, and lovely outdoor views without inadvertently allowing birds or other flying creatures inside the home.

Their product specifications include some impressive features: high quality handles which pivot into place, coupled with superbly constructed roller tubes and brass bushings.

Customers discover these beautiful doors install seamlessly. People entering or leaving the residence through an open doorway simply slide the screen along secure tracks. The ease of use makes this type of protective screen exceedingly convenient for all ages. No one must strain or tug to move the screen aside, yet it will re-close tightly again after opening.

A Genuinely Versatile Home Improvement

One reason for the popularity of this type of screen likely relates to its versatility. You’ll discover these products in use in a wide array of settings today. They serve as screens for all these types of doors:

  • Entry Doors
  • French Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Terrace Doors
  • Patio Doors
  • Swinging Doors

The ability to place retractable screens over so many different types and dimensions of entrances makes them exceedingly functional. Available from us in a range of stylish colors and designs, you’ll discover a retractable sliding screen door meshes perfectly into virtually any decor.

Spend a little time perusing the charming models on our website to identify the specific retractable screen doors of interest to you.

When you decide to place an order, simply use the convenient online inquiry form or call our order hotline. We look forward to helping you experience the convenience and charm of these trendy products!

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