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Sandblasted Glass Design in Montreal with Glass Experts

Sandblasted Glass for Designing and Decorating Glass in Your Home or Office!

Sandblasted glass, also known as etched glass, is a way by which home and business owners can adorn the look of their residence or establishment. When done correctly, sandblasted glass designs will make friends, family members, as well as patrons admire your taste and creativity.

While the process may be one of the oldest forms of adding décor to a piece of glass, it can also be used to create some truly modern and contemporary designs.

Our sandblasted glass services include:

  • Flat sandblasting – which is identical to drawing an image. You can add any type of design including photographic drawings!
  • Carved sandblasting – adds a third dimension to sandblasted glass designs

Popular sandblasting applications can include:

  • Office entrance doors / walls
  • Glass walls
  • To create artistic designs directly on glass
  • Border sandblast designs
  • Logos directly on glass / mirror
  • Other custom artwork

Sandblast glass pricing:

Sandblasted glass starts at $15 per sq. ft. (not installed).

Please note: The exact price of your sandblasted glass will depend on the size of the area to be sandblasted and complexity of design.

At Glass Experts, we have the experience and the tools to add a touch of art to your dwelling or place of business; we transform everyday glass products into exquisite works of art. Sandblasting is an effective and cost-efficient way to decorate glass with image like graphics. Sandblasted glass designs can be added to doors, entryways, windows, partitions, tables, shower doors, cabinetry, side panels, fanlights, and more. You’re only limited by your imagination.

From simple sandblasted glass designs to elaborate art works, we have worked on a number of projects for both homes and businesses here in the Montreal area. In addition to space beautification, sandblasted glass can provide privacy without curtailing light admittance throughout your home or place of business. Although the glass may appear opaque from a distance, the surface continues to be translucent.

At Glass Experts, we tackle the entire project; from conjuring up the designs to producing the drawings to installing the finished product.

Each design is made to order and can include any colors that you specify. We supply and fit the glass type of your choosing, and incorporate your favorite design. All designs are available in both single and double glazed panels.

If you are looking to give an elegant look to any piece of glass in your home or office, then look no further. We, at Glass Experts, are a team of professionals who will get your project completed with ease and proficiency.

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