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Tiffany Lamps in Montreal

Making resurgence in popularity, Tiffany lamps are a style of lamp that combines gorgeous stained glass with an array of rich colors and texture to produce an elegant means by which to both illuminate and decorate any room in the house. Originally designed and brought onto the scene by Louis Tiffany, hence the name, Tiffany Lamps hit their pinnacle of popularity in the 1970’s. Following a couple of decades of hiatus, the lamps popularity seems to have been revived.

And for good reason, with their dazzling stained glass designs, Tiffany lamps are unique lighting fixtures that have been around for over 100 years. Many upon many of products have come and long since been gone, but the allure of Tiffany lamps has kept them around for generations and is more than likely to pull them through many more to come. Tiffany lamps come in a variety of designs that range the gamut from the classic Victorian style to the Peacock.

At Glass Experts, we have a large selection of Tiffany Lamps to suit all styles and décor. Whether you need table, floor or standing, novelty, chandelier, or hanging Tiffany lamps, we have the right product for you at some of the best prices anywhere in the Montreal area. Our Tiffany lamps are meticulously handcrafted and are sure to give your chosen space the elegance boost it deserves.

Individual needs differ, and for this reason Tiffany lamps are made to accommodate all types of uses, needs and options. Whether you need a lamp for reading, watching TV in the evening, or any other activity, Glass Experts’ friendly staff will present a multitude of Tiffany lamp options and assist you in selecting the product that is best suited for your needs.

Those who are not familiar with Tiffany lamps will be amazed at our selection of stained glass lamps and fixtures. We warmly welcome you to browse our website where you can familiarize yourself with Tiffany lamps, as well as find our exquisite selection of this wonderful lighting product. We also have a showroom where we’d be glad to show you what we have to offer in person.

Whether you’re looking to place a magnificent chandelier in your foyer or add to the look of your dining room with a tasteful crystal fixture, our vast array of options combined with our competitive prices virtually guarantee that you will find and acquire the right item for the right purpose.

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