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Broken Glass Door, Window and Screen Repair

One single company for all your repair needs!

Glass Experts is much more than a company specialized in glass products, it’s also a company experienced in the reparation of broken glass doors, windows and screens. Not only do we work with all types of buildings, we also deal with inside and outside installations like gazebos, solariums, and more.

At Glass Experts, we like our work well done. If we have to come back to your home or business, it won’t be to repair the work we’ve done, but to repair the work of others!

We’re the experts with the know-how that you want and the equipment that you need for all your broken glass door, window and screen repair needs.

At Glass Experts, we repair the following:

  • Screens (screen repair)
  • Window pane repair and replacement
  • Thermal insulation windows (repair and replacement)
  • Sliding doors
  • and much more…

With Glass Experts’ broken glass door and window repair, minimize energy loss and save big. A faulty door or window can end up costing you so much more than you would expect. When a repair is needed, contact our team of highly efficient and reliable technicians. But the best solution is always prevention, a service that we also offer to all our clients.

Broken window repair

No matter the broken window repair you need, we are the experts that can handle your problem with care. We deal with windows made of wood, aluminum, and PVC for all types of usage like residential, commercial and industrial.

Broken glass door repair

Our broken door repair service takes care of all types of glass for doors made of wood, aluminum and PVC, like patio doors, sliding doors, swinging doors, and garage doors, to name a few. You will be amazed at the extent of our know-how. You have a glass door that needs fixing? Our team of professionals will take care of it.

Glass door, window pane and screen door mesh repair costs

Our hourly rate for the repair of brokne glass door pane, broken window pane and/or screen (patio door) mesh repair ranges from $80 to $90.

Screen repair = Starts at $30 and can go to $90 per sq. ft.

Screen door repair = Starts at $90 to $140.

Torn window screen or screen door mesh, we repair them!

Glass Experts can replace torn screen doors and repair window screens as well. It’s during the hot summer months that patio and screen doors and windows screens are used most, and therefore more prone to breaking.

With Glass Experts, we won’t let the mosquitoes bite! Call for a quote or you can bring your screen to our store to get an immediate estimate.

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