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At Glass Experts, we offer a wide range of glass pane repair and replacement services for your commercial doors. If you are looking to repair the glass in a revolving door, a swing door, or a sliding door, our services are sure to be of help. When the need calls for custom glass work to repair the pane in a broken frame, we have the equipment, know how and technology to produce a replacement piece of glass quickly. No matter your specifications.

Please note, we do not repair or make door frames, we only repair or replace the broken glass within them.

Our expert commercial glass door repair and replacement technicians are highly trained to ensure every repair project we take on is completed to perfection. We have the knowledge, the experience and the tools to do the repairs on-site to assure our clients’ full satisfaction.

Commercial Doors Reparation in Montreal

Commercial glass doors provide security, functionality and great design… when the glass in the frame is not broken!

Commercial glass doors are the first part of your business establishment that a visitor sees when he enters your business place. In addition, glass doors provide the best security and functionality. Therefore, it is essential that you select the best commercial door glass shop when it comes time to repair the broken glass in your door frame to ensure the security, functionality and aesthetics remain as they were intended.

We can replace or repair the glass for a variety of door types. There are aluminum, wood, steel, fiberglass, and all glass commercial doors. Each material fulfills a certain need, desire or purpose for the door. For example, a door for a retail store is more than likely to be made of a different material than that of a warehouse, mainly because a warehouse door needs to be more robust while that of a retail store requires more aesthetic appeal.

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Glass Door Systems – Glass Reparation and Replacement

Glass door systems magnify the beauty of your business or office many times over. From folding to revolving to automatic sliding doors, glass door systems can provide the style and appearance that you dream of for your place of business to portray. If you need outstanding glass pane reparation and replacements for door systems, follow the link below!

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Glass Door Handles – Style, Durability and Functionality

A well-designed door handle can add style and elegance to any door that would otherwise be just another door in the pack. In the event that the door handle on your commercial door is no longer fuctional as it once was Glass Experts offers many choices of door handles from which to pick at some of the best prices in all of the Montreal! Whatever your glass door handles needs, we have the best quality products and the skilled technicians to help make your project a very pleasant experience and get it all competed promptly.

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Stairs and Commercial Glass Stair Railing Systems

Glass based commercial stair railings are constructed out of tempered glass to ensure safety, abide by architectural requirements and ensure they complement wood, metal, glass, or concrete stairways.

At Glass Experts, our glass railing systems meet and in many cases surpass all safety code standards and are perfectly designed to fit a wide variety of commercial buildings. Trust the knowhow and expertise of our fabricators to build your stairs to blueprint specifications, while our installers see to it that the final product is put in place with utmost professionalism. We have the expertise and equipment to tackle any commercial stair railing project. Your company will be delighted by our excellent craftsmanship and friendly service, helping you understand why Glass Experts are simply unrivaled. Stop by our Montreal showroom, contact us by phone or email us your specifications today. We’d welcome a chance to show what we can do for you.

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Glass Office Partitions

Glass office partitions at Glass Experts are always built to measure. There is never a once size fits all solution. However, two popular options are the following. The first consists of floor to ceiling walls, (full-height partitions) which give the impression of a completely enclosed room. Although the full-height partitions seem like a permanent structure, they are easily disassembled and moved around should the need arise.

The second type of commonly used office partitions are the glass office partitions. By far the most aesthetically appealing of all office partitions, glass partitions come in the full or half-height variety, are very stylish, and complement the look of the modern, contemporary office environment.

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Glass Conference Tables

Glass conference tables provide an elegant presence as well as a practical workspace for the accommodation of employees, guests, and clients. At Glass Experts, we take pride in producing state-of-the-art conference tables that magnify the look of any conference room. No matter your needs, we will work to create a custom design which will produce a table that adds charm and luxury as well as satisfy any ergonomic constraints.

Our glass conference tables come in a wide variety of styles and shapes, and are built as one single piece or as a combination of several sections, depending on table size and shape. Multi-sectional conference tables are constructed in such a way that all sections are incorporated into each other to produce a nice, congruous look. Tables are offered in a range of materials, finishes and colors. Our frosted, clear or scratched glass table-tops are simply exquisite. They convey luxury without pretense, and represent the latest in popular office furniture trends. In addition, a variety of modern base designs are available with all our glass conference tables.

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