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Custom Glass Sneeze Guards & Barriers

Prevent contamination with custom glass sneeze guards

Help keep sneezes and prodding fingers at bay by taking advantage of a custom glass sneeze guard. Who wants a sneeze to potentially contaminate food on display at the restaurant, salad bar, or buffet? Nobody.

As we’ve learnt in recent times, stopping the spread of contamination is aided when practical and affordable safety measures are put in place. Made of glass and stainless steel the custom sneeze guards made by Glass Experts are an excellent way to keep germs and other undesirables safely away from food on display and away from employees.

Sneeze guards & barriers to prevent contamination

As not everyone can be relied upon to regularly wash their hands, sneeze guards help put separation between potential contamination by hand and any accidental sneezes.

Sneeze guards have spiked in popularity and usefulness to assist in the prevention of the spread of germs. Contaminated food at any event is an absolute risk for a company’s reputation should multiple people get sick. At worst however, contaminated food in a public event becomes a public problem which no business owner or community wants to go through.

With a wide array of configurations available, the only task you will have in the process of ordering your custom-made glass sneeze guard will be choosing the style desired and assuring you have the right measurements on hand.

Prefer to let us do it? Not a problem. Scheduling a meeting with us is simple and we can easily be available throughout the greater Montreal region to help you choose the best design and help you make sure you have all required measurements to build your sneeze guard to exact the best size for your needs.

Sneeze guards for food, hospitality and catering

Sneeze guards are best when made from stainless steel and glass. These materials allow for easy cleaning and long life. They attach to a support base that holds the glass barrier in place. This allows you to use it in a way where it is simply placed above the surface area you desire to protect.

The sneeze barrier or shield will commonly be fixed to the surface; however, portable or mobile sneeze guards and barriers can also be built to measure for applications that require mobility.

The glass panelling of sneeze guards sits affixed two steel brackets and components that allow it to be positioned above any food on display allowing those serving themselves to access the food below all while the food is protected from sneezing and accidental spread of germ through conversation.

Glass guards as barriers and shields in transaction applications

Commonly seen in banks, hospitals and other institutions where separation is required from the public, glass guards as barriers can be used essentially as shields to help protect employees that may come into contact with possible contamination.

In instances where employees may come into contact with the sick, glass guards in the form of fixed panels can be custom built to allow the continued flow of transacting while all the while protecting any employee from accidental spread of germs.

Transaction hardware typically makes use of steel posts, glass and steel railings and glass/steel surface mounts to assure structural integrity, easy maintenance and cleaning of surface areas.


As this hardware is custom, please call, email or chat with us so we can better help you address your specific needs.

Hospitality, food & catering applications:

  • Cafeterias
  • Self-service food bars
  • Buffet bars
  • Portable food
  • Tabletops

Commercial & public applications:

  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Dental offices
  • Grocery chain stores
  • Big retail outlets
  • Gas stations
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Airports

Installation types:

  • Counter mounted
  • Permanent
  • Portable
  • Suspended

Service types:

  • Full service counters
  • Self service counters


  • Single face
  • Single tier
  • Double face
  • Double tier
  • Contemporary
  • Elegant
  • LED (backlit) sneeze guards


  • Stainless steel
  • Glass (Tempered glass)

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