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Tempered Glass Doors and Shelves in Montreal

Tempered glass doors and shelving solutions for your home & workspace

Tempered Glass Doors and Shelves Montreal, Glass Experts

Tempered glass doors and tempered shelves enhance both strength and appearance. Display cases, for instance, can greatly benefit from using such glass as they allow for the itmes on display to be viewed through the tempered glass doors, all while being supported by a robust tempered glass display.

Another benefit of tempered glass doors and shelves lies in their safety. Unlike standard glass, in the event of breakage tempered glass doesn’t shatter into sharp, jagged pieces that can cause harm to household members, employees or for example shoppers in a store. Instead, tempered glass, when it breaks, will break into small, pebble-sized chunks without any of the sharp edges that exist in broken pieces of regular glass.

An explanation of the glass tempering process

Tempered glass gets its strength properties from its fabrication process. The process consists of high-temperature heating and subsequent rapid cooling by submerging the glass in water, a process usually referred to as quenching. Tempered glass doors and glass shelves alike must be cut to the desired dimensions prior to undergoing the tempering process, due to the fact that it is virtually impossible to cut the glass without it fracturing.

Because of this, custom pieces of tempered glass can be hard to find in certain areas. At Glass Experts, we offer standard as well as custom tempered glass doors and glass shelving units. Our production facility is equipped with the latest in both equipment and technology which empowers us to efficiently and cost-effectively produce tempered glass items of all shapes and sizes, for home and/or office applications.

An explanation of the glass polishing process

Whatever your needs, we possess the tools and the know-how to ensure they are met. We excel in all facets of tempered glass manufacturing and fabrication with a long list of delighted customers to back our claim of being the best-tempered glass provider in Montreal.

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