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At Glass Experts, you will find a wide selection of residential shower units, mirrors, glass table tops, glass wine cellar, stairs and glass railings, glass pool fences, beveled glass, glass accessories, glass tempered doors and shelves, thermo glass, tempered glass windows and doors. The selection in our Montreal showroom is sure to satisfy your desired style and décor. If the need calls for custom work, we have the equipment and the technology to produce what you need. No matter your specifications.

Our expert residential glass installers are highly trained to ensure every project we take on is completed to perfection. We have the knowledge, the experience and the tools to guarantee our clients’ full satisfaction.

Custom Glass Shower Units in Montreal

All glass shower units to design, beautify and add elegance to your bathroom.

Glass shower units represent an excellent way to greatly enhance the look of a bathroom. Over the last few years, glass showers have been steadily rising in popularity.

At Glass Experts, we build your custom glass shower per your exact specifications. Our skilled team of designers will work with you to deciding on the type of glass panels or shower doors to use for your bathroom. We have a wide variety of choices at your disposal regardless of space restrictions or budget.

If you’re looking for the perfect walk in shower for your bathroom, then you need to contact Glass Experts, we can produce some of the best shower units you can find anywhere. So give us a call today and see for yourself how impeccable your bathroom shower can look.

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Architectural Glass in Montreal – Limitless Possibility!

Architectural glass for residential or commercial application has a wide range of uses and possibilities. At Glass Experts, we specialize in any and all applications that are related to architectural glass.

We supply the highest quality selection of architectural glass and textured for residential or commercial use in Montreal. We have the machinery and equipment needed to create the perfect ensemble for your architectural glass needs or textured glass specification.

We provide a large selection of architectural and textured glass for residential or commercial use in Montreal.

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Mirrors and Custom Mirrors

Glass Experts is a full service glass and mirror company in Montreal known for producing top-quality, customized made to measure mirrors. We have the equipment, technical knowledge, and personnel to satisfy all needs and preferences.

Mirror quality varies greatly depending on a very complex fabrication process that is comprised of number of equally critical steps. Each step requires the utmost care, close attention to detail, and adept craftsmanship. At Glass Experts, we happily guarantee every single mirror we fabricate as all of our products undergo a comprehensive and rigorous in-house quality assurance process, conducted by some of the best professionals in the industry.

Our mirror services include fabrication as well as installation. While the installation process may seem straightforward, it does require a degree of care and skill. Our trained technicians will ensure that your mirrors are installed quickly and properly.

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Glass and Custom Glass Products

Whether you require glass shower doors, windows, glass office partitions, mirrors, glass table-tops, glass doors, or any other glass item, our cutting-edge equipment combined with our expertise and large inventory of glass sheets, of all type and thickness, empower us to produce outstanding glass items that will make your home décor the envy of many.

Our team of skilled craftsmen cut, bevel, and polish glass of any type and shape to produce the custom precision glass pieces to fit your unique style and flair.

Glass is our business at Glass Experts. We excel in every aspect of both its fabrication and installation.

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Glass Table Tops in Montreal

Glass Experts offers a range of different types and shapes of glass table tops. Our glass table tops are scratch and heat resistant, and exceptionally durable. Whether the need calls for replacement or new design, we have the equipment and technology to level, cut, temper and polish to produce unique, customized glass table tops.

Whether for a a desk, dining table, or a console, glass table tops will almost certainly revitalize the look of your furniture as well as adding elegance and luxury. Glass table tops are easily cleaned and maintained.

There are a few different types of glass that can be used as a table top; one of the most popular is tempered glass. Tempered glass offers the best of both worlds in terms of attractiveness and strength. Glass table tops come in a number of different thicknesses which range from 1.5 to 4 inches.

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Custom Glass Wine Cellars

At Glass Experts, we design and manufacture all kinds of custom glass wine cellars for many types of residential applications (primary homes, country houses and condominiums). We have a vast inventory of different glass wine cellar shapes and sizes available to fit your style and budget.

At Glass Experts we offer a wide array of custom solutions for customizing glass wine cellars, camouflage it into the wall, or use it as a partition, the possibilities are endless. Our glass wine cellars are UV-treated in order to protect your wine collection from oxidizing prematurely. We also use LED lighting, which emits little or no heat, to keep your wine at a constant and optimal temperature.

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Glass Railing Systems and Banisters

We provide all types of glass railing system whether residential, commercial, indoor or outdoor. All our glass railing systems and banisters add a clean-lined modern look to your space and a clear view of the surroundings. Indoor and outdoor glass railing systems and banisters are solid, resistant and safe. All our indoor and outdoor glass railings systems will meet and surpass your expectations and strictly comply with the highest quality norms in the industry.

At Glass Experts, we work with a team of architects and designers to insure that all our glass railing systems and banisters are safely installed and secured for you to fully enjoy them. When manufacturing and installing staircase banisters, swimming pool fences, or glass railing systems for balconies and raised decks, our first priority is your safety. Our master glassmakers adhere very strictly to all the industry’s norms when it comes to installing indoor and outdoor glass railing systems and banisters.

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Glass Pool Fences with Automatic Lock Mechanisms

At Glass Experts, our glass pool fences limit access to the pool without hindering the beauty of the surroundings all around. Our fences are high-end, stylish, transparent products that offer a fenceless look and allow for panoramic view. Our glass pool fences are made of tempered glass to stand the long harsh winter months in Quebec. winters, we make our glass pool fences with tempered glass which is a sturdy glass that can stand up to to our harsh winter conditions.

Our glass pool fences are easy to maintain and don’t rust. We also use stainless steel accessories, which are corrosion-proof and ensure a longer life.

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Beveled Glass Mirrors in Montreal

Beveled glass is a wonderful way to add to the décor of your home or office. Whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary look, bevel glass designs add light, beauty and class to any room in your home.

At Glass Experts, we provide exquisite style and workmanship. We make your beveled mirrors, doors or entryways appear their best. We possess the knowledge, experience and the state-of-the-art equipment to make every project a work of art. In addition to unparalleled workmanship, we strive to offer our clientele with the best customer service they can find anywhere in the Montreal area.

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Glass Accessories and Hardware

Glass accessories and hardware provide an excellent means by which to beautify a residential living space. Glass accessories and hardware give a touch of luxury without putting a strain on the budget. Whether as vases, jars or canisters, vases, tables, lamps, candlesticks, or shelves, glass can and will give any room in your home a sparkle.

The right glass accessories and hardware can transform the look of a ordinary area into that of a luxurious space at a bargain price.

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Thermo Glass Solutions in Montreal

Thermal glass, also known as thermo glass, is an ideal choice to improve the thermal efficiency of a home or office. The Thermal glass works to retain as much heat as possible within the property thereby cutting the cost of heating.

At Glass Experts, we manufacture top of the line thermal glass that is reliable and durable. As good as thermal glass can be for the insulation of a home or place of business.

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Tempered Glass Doors and Shelving Solutions

Tempered glass doors and tempered shelves enhance both strength and appearance. Display cases, for instance, can greatly benefit from using such glass as they allow for the items on display to be viewed through the tempered glass doors, all while being supported by a robust tempered glass display.

Another benefit of tempered glass doors and shelves lies in their safety. Unlike standard glass, in the event of breakage tempered glass doesn’t shatter into sharp, jagged pieces. Instead, tempered glass will break into small, pebble-sized chunks without any of the sharp edges.

At Glass Experts, we offer standard as well as custom tempered glass doors and glass shelving units. Our production facility is equipped with the latest in both equipment and technology which empowers us to efficiently and cost-effectively produce tempered glass items of all shapes and sizes, for home and/or office applications.

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Broken Door, Window, and Screen Repair

One single enterprise for all your repair needs.

No matter the broken window repair you need, we are the experts that can handle your problem with care. We deal with all types of windows whether wood, aluminum or PVC in both residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Our broken door repair service takes care of all types of doors made of wood, aluminum and PVC, like patio doors, sliding doors, swinging doors, and garage doors, to name a few. Glass Experts can repair broken screen doors and repair window screens as well.

Broken door and window repair will minimize energy loss and save big. A faulty door or window can end up costing you so much more than you would expect. When a repair is needed, contact our team of highly efficient and reliable technicians.

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